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Emmy Shahar presents « paper taste » exhibition @ Design Space Gallery – Tel Aviv

12 juin 2011

 » Design Space was founded in Tel Aviv, 2010. The Gallery is presenting various fields of design, ranging from furniture and industrial products to diverse art exhibitions of newcomer artists and designers

Design Space is always interested in exploring traditional, unusual and overlooked materials and techniques through the lens of contemporary art and design.
As a universal material, it is interesting to witness the different mediums and techniques used in paper to produce new and creative art and design.
Paper, one of the most ancient and humble material is also probably the most accessible worldwide, probably the most common and consumed media and format for carrying information today.
Paper is a material that we are all able to relate to and refill with different meanings to create art and design that is fragile in nature.
Paper Taste exhibition focuses on works on paper, including prints, design, illustrated books, selected drawings, street art and video arts that explore and manipulate the materiality of paper itself. It will deliver a distinctive experience for buyers as they will be able to appreciate paper in all its forms, and in a more creative way that one has contemplated before.
Design Space reinvestigates and redeploys one of the most familiar and humble medium, paper, to create a single platform where the division between substance, content and material is blurred. The exhibition is a richly diverse selection of artists from abroad and Israel to renew an interest in paper as a creative medium and source of artistic inspiration.
The works in the exhibition are diverse, ranging from intimate works to large scale installations, from modified and altered books to animated video arts, with inspirational lamps, fashion stylized paper and design within paper. This most commonplace and disposable  of materials is given a new life and new value by these 28 creative individuals »

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